Experiment in Gratitude

Today I am grateful for

  • The time I spent with my family last weekend
  • The fact that my grandfather is not staying with my family for the next six weeks, thus making life much easier for my mom.
  • The time I spent with my aunts and grandmother this weekend
  • Two beautiful puppies
  • Finding another beautiful puppy to complement my first beautiful puppy
  • The fact that both beautiful puppies are actually lying still and letting me get some work done
  • My amazing business partner
  • The chance to talk with Nicole again
  • Tribal Author is starting
  • Uncertainty
  • All the yummy food I had this weekend
  • My new tea kettle and front door mat
  • Hooks for leashes and towels
  • New pictures in unexpected places
  • Comfortable beds and flannel sheets and cute comforters
  • The blessing of having a small enrollment to work out all the bugs on
  • Finding my clicker for dog training
  • Having the points on Amazon to get dog supplies for free
  • Getting my inbox from 150 to 70
  • Opportunities for new income that I’m sure will show up
  • Having the house to myself again
  • Finding the opportunity to apply for the NSF fellowship
  • Having someone in Australia who might be interested in hosting me for a project that would be absolutely perfect

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