Gratuitous Puppy Post

Because who doesn’t love an enormous dose of cute? I can’t believe how blessed I am to wake up to this every day. (Just need to remind myself of that after Blake destroys my headset, rips off a cookbook cover, or helps himself to the apple bowl on my desk…)

Blake is on the left and Tyler is on the right.
Tyler's my quiet boy - he chose me as his human 3 years ago, and he's never changed his mind.
Ty can be a goofball when he wants to be.
But mostly he's just happy hanging out with his human and his brother Blake.
Blake, on the other hand, is all goof.
He sticks his head into everything...
... and thinks that he's entitled to test whatever I'm cooking. To make sure it's safe for humans, of course!

Both boys are currently poking me in the butt, because it’s 11:30 and “Human, don’t you know it’s bed time?”

What would I do without them?

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