Musings in the Middle of the Woods

My Blake-puppy and Stacy's Hope-puppy are having a great time racing around together this weekend!

I’m in a cabin in the woods with some business-minded friends this weekend, and all of us are having some massive productive time and business brainstorms (along with lots of wine and spectacular food, as we each take turns cooking).

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of ‘commit, and the universe will respond.’ As much as I hesitate to admit it, the community garden has been the first thing I’ve really committed to in a while. And while I’ve seen the universe respond, I’ve also seen it show me how much more I’m capable of doing than I thought I was. When I’ve needed an extra set of hands they’ve appeared, but when I think something is going to be hard – constructing the water system or hauling an F250 full of compost – and no one comes out to help… I can do it myself. I’ve hauled 50lb bags of manure. I built a system capable of collecting 660 gallons of water. I shoveled an F250 full of compost, then trundled it through the woods to the garden with I don’t even know how many trips with a wheelbarrow.

I’m creating a community garden on what was a patch of barren earth.

If I can do that, then why haven’t I committed 100% to my business? My MPH will be done in the next few months, and the classes have admittedly been a huge distraction to juggle, though I wouldn’t trade 95% of them in hindsight. I built the framework of a business that will change how we think of productivity, and I did it in hours pinched from coursework and research over the past two years. And I’ve started the same process in the arenas of expertise and publishing, though those aren’t nearly as far along.

Now, as of today, I’m committing to making Personalized Productivity into something that can challenge the status quo and be mentioned in the same context as David Allen and Getting Things Done. I’m committing to turning the Good Ship Lifestyle into a beacon for polymaths, and positioning those polymaths to take on the huge problems we face as a species. And I’m committing to the stories I tell at Written Insight, to getting them out into the world and to finding like-minded authors to found Fingerprint Press and re-instate the reader as the gatekeeper of what is worth reading and what isn’t.

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