What does one do with 2.5 lbs of kale?

I thought I was buying a 1 lb bag! So far I put it on top of Chicken Divan instead of breadcrumbs, grated it and added it to Genoan minestrone and a random risotto, tossed it into last night’s Chocolate-Espresso Chili and made two pans of kale chips… and I still have a third of the bag left! Suggestions, anyone?

Happy Rambles is down, so I’m not getting my daily gratitude e-mail. Though I still haven’t set it up to post automatically to this journal, so it’s not as if anyone other than me knew that I’d stopped recording my gratitude. (Not that there’s anyone reading here anyway, but there is something about it being public…)

-Today I’m grateful for the awesome experiment that turned into Bechamel lasagna with eggplant noodles. It tasted divine, even if it didn’t include kale.
-I’m also grateful for the amazing friends I have, and how we can dig into work simultaneously at a coffee shop and come out with lots of shit done and a wonderful time.
-I’m grateful for my puppies, even if I did just have to intervene to keep Blake from stealing Ty’s bully stick.
-I’m grateful for the opportunity to apply for the Good Life Project, even if I have no idea whether I’ll be able to get in or if I’ll be able to afford it. Sometimes you just feel like something is right, and you jump and trust that it will work out.
-I’m grateful that I’ll find out about my NSF grant soon… and grateful that I have awesome summer plans, no matter what happens! :D
-I’m grateful for the opportunity to chat with one best friend today, and the forgiveness of another for a trespass that I’m not even sure occurred.
-I’m grateful to have an idea reintroduced that might solve a number of problems.
-I’m grateful to have this beautiful treehouse condo to myself, and to have a landlord willing to discuss selling it to me when I have the money.
-I’m grateful to have discovered chunks of coconut. OMG, BLISS.
-I’m grateful to be able to talk with my aunt each week, and to have the reassurance that my desires aren’t out of touch with reality.
-I’m grateful to have gotten an awesome Groupon for a cut and style this morning.
-I’m grateful for the ability to turn lemons into lemonade. Even if it sometimes takes me a bit to get the recipe right.
-I’m grateful for the people who help me turn lemons into lemonade, especially my spectacular website manager.
-I’m grateful to have had the energy to clean the kitchen and bathroom (and that I remembered to do laundry), and equally grateful to be able to leave the vacuuming until next week!

I did actually get through my to-do list this weekend… though granted, it’s by a stint of ignoring the classwork coming up this week. Or not ignoring, per se, more tackling it without adding it to the official list!

By the way, how awesome is this aquarium? I’ve decided that’s going to be my next big reward, either for finishing the semester or turning in my thesis this summer. I can’t quite believe that my MPH is almost over… I’ve accomplished almost everything I went to grad school for. I have a solid plan B for employment to get health insurance if I need it, and my business is so close to snowballing… it’s like the feeling I get driving through the Rockies, when I can feel the tension in the stone. In some places it’s scary, it would take so little to send it all tumbling down. But here, the tumble would be a boon, not a disaster. I’m torn between wanting it and wanting it to just wait a week or two so I can get this or that fixed on the site. But it’s not 100% under my control, not really, so I work on what needs working and keep writing and reaching out.

Which, speaking of working on what needs working, I have a sales page to be putting up. That’s what will pay Steph, after all!

… Blake just chased his tail into a wall. Oh, puppy!

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